From Legos to computers to neural networks, I have always loved building, creating, and tinkering. Growing up, my parents were constantly finding new things to bring home so I could pull them apart and put them back together. Though my love of tinkering has gotten me in trouble a few times, it has also aided me greatly in my journey to become the best software developer I can be.

Though I began writing code in high school, I officially began my career as a software engineer at Bentley Systems. I spent two summers working primarily on their RAM Structural System. During my time at Bentley I was engaged with refactoring code for cyber security best practices, data visualization and analysis, database systems and design, and agile programming methodology. Following my two summers with Bentley, I spent a summer working with Liberty Mutual Insurance on their Global Information Security team, where I delved further into Agile, spending two weeks working as a scrum master. I also assisted in migrating Liberty's critical cyber security infrastructure to Amazon Web Service's cloud. During my first two years at Boston College I worked in a client facing role at the Boston College walk in help desk, helping customers with computer related issues like virus removal, backing up data, and installing a wide variety of software. In my Junior year I began working at the Boston College Language Learning Lab where I work on projects involving Artificial Intelligence, data mining and analysis, and eye tracking technology.

Besides my work experience, I enjoy traveling and learning new things. I have visited 4 continents, spending 6 years in South Africa, 12 years in Southern California, 3 years in Boston, and 6 months in Sweden. I strive to be a life long learner, and outside of my classes I am teaching myself German, Web Development, and guitar.