This is a collection of some of the projects I've worked on. Some are still a work in progress. is the result of a group project/class competition for a web design course I took my Sophomore year. Along with two other students, I designed the website to pull data from the RSS feed of events happening at any given time at Boston College so that students could know more about what is going on on campus. Students can also make accounts and post their own events after being verified. I worked primarily on the backend development to parse the RSS feed and display the data to the website.

NLIzer was my research project for my first semmester at the Boston College Language Learning Lab. I was tasked with gathering data from the Corpus de Aprendices de EspaƱol, or Corpus of Spanish Learners, a series of essays written by people who speak Spanish as a second language. The dataset contained the essays, how long the subject had been studying Spanish, what their level of fluency was, and their native language. I then created a recurrent neural network in TensorFlow to analyze the dataset and attempt to determine what the subjects native language was based on their writing in Spanish.

Asteroids was a project that I worked on for a video game design class that I took while abroad at Uppsala University in Sweden. The idea was to recreate the classic arcade game with some new upgrades. During the design process I learned about ActionScript, improved my understanding of core Object Oriented Design concepts, and had some fun in the process.

The source code for this website is available on my Github page. It was made from scratch using the bootstrap framework for scalability and hosted on Amazon Webservices for cost effective hosting. I bought the domain name and routed the traffic through Amazon's Route 53 domain name routing service.